My drum found me

Never before I felt drawn to drums, djembe’s or rhythme instruments. Playing the violin as I grew up, I’ve always found so much beauty in melody.

When I had earned my first money as a teenager, I bought a stereo system, and sat in my room, glued to the radio. Singing along with hit songs, making mix tapes of my favourites and playing the ones that touched my teenage heart over and over again.

Music helped me through my university years, through heartbreak and joy – like it does for so many.

But as I explored more of myself, I grew tired of most lyrics. So many song in the charts are written from victim perspectives, …or just make no sense to me. They just don’t feel right anymore.

And I learned to appreciate the silence. Silence to honour the moment for what it is.

Then I packed for my first workshop in Priestess training. The pack list said: drum or shaker.

And I thought: “Okay, sure, I’ll get myself a shaker, as they are not that expensive. Drums seem a bit over the top.”

In the workshop, some drums were just standing there. I felt like trying a specific one. I did, and WOW, did that feel good.

The sound was so deep, it vibrated through all of me with the smell of the earth. A deep, warm, clear gorgeous sound.

What a beautiful way to meditate. What a magnificent heart beat it provides when I played it in seva.

And even though I hardly know what to do with it, I couldn’t let it go.

So now it sits in my house, and I played on it every day since.

Apparently this is what drums do. They pick us.

I can’t wait to find out more about her and what she and I can do together!

Do you drum? Did your drum find you? What does music mean in your life?


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