Elderflower Magic

Have you ever noticed how beautiful one tiny elderflower flower is? Small white perfection of five rounded petals with five stems that hold the pollen in between the petals.

It’s easy to take them for granted, as they blossom freely everywhere this time of year. Big flowerheads with many many tiny flowers.

This year, we took our daughter out harvesting some elderflower to make (paleo friendly) cordial. She is two now, and she was quite intrigued by what we were doing, eager to help.

It felt like such a profoundly beautiful thing to do, celebrating the earth and nature. Begin teaching a new generation. It reminded me of all the trips my mother made with us growing up.  We went on our bikes, into the woods, to find blackberries and elderflower berries.

This time, it was only when we came home, that I started to notice the divine perfection of each little flower. And how beautifully they arrange themselves like snowflakes when they let go of the stalk that holds them.

The stinging nettles that had to be manoeuvred, the pouring spring rain we cycled through to get to them, they were nothing within this mindset.

Noticing the divine, the beautiful in the small things, as well as in the big things. It’s easily overlooked, but surrounds us everywhere. It’s so fulfilling to notice. It makes me feel connected again.

And you, how do you celebrate nature? Where do you find your tiny miracles?

For life, for love,



2 thoughts on “Elderflower Magic

    1. Thank you Klara, great to have you here!

      Do you maybe have an example where you find that divine beauty in the small things around you? It would be great to hear about it.

      Blessed be, Memeka

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