My body the Earth

Today, I did my first ritual in a long time.

The sun was out, the grass still a bit wet from last night’s rain. I could feel the earth under my feet, felt the sun shine, the breeze through my hair bringing sounds of birds and airplanes. And I felt a nice fresh touch of the water on the grass on my bare feet.

I casted a circle in my back yard, feeling somewhat awkward. Stated my intention.

And then I meditated, bringing my attention first into my body. Not easy today as my mind was very busy being present. But as time passed, I was able to go down with my attention, bit by bit. (There’s a lot more room to practice here.)

And as I attempted a Sat Nam Rasayan meditation, broadening my awareness, my brain took a lot of side steps. It brought me the image of Daenerys Targaryen from the books on the Game of Thrones. A strong female leader, who started of as a child fugitive being sold by her brother for the promise of an army. Fierce if need be, compassionate at heart, and very much her own person.

But actually, the real present came after the meditation, when I just wanted to feel the Earth. I lay down in the grass, still somewhat wet.

And as I was lying there, connecting, I felt the grass starting to grow through my body. The rising and falling of my body shapes becoming part of the surface of the earth. Calmness.

It made me feel that I am the Earth. My body is the Earth. And the Earth is in me.

Now that may be a given for you, for me it has never felt like that before. I have always felt cut of from the Earth, having to DO something to try and connect.

And while I was feeling part of the Earth, I realised Earth brings life, regardless. And my body brings life. Regardless.

They will give nourishment and a womb for the seeds that find their way. All they need is to be in touch with the elements. Water to quench thirst. Air to breath. And the warmth of the sun to grow.

And it is up to us to weed if we don’t like the outcomes.

At this time of disease, for me it means I need to be in touch with the elements (literally), as they make me feel alive. And it takes some careful attention what seeds I plant with my thoughts and actions. It might be time to pul out some weeds!!

I would like to support my body in bringing forth more of the life that we can fully enjoy.

The ritual ended with me feeling grateful an wanting to thank the Earth and the Goddess for the insights. A song showed itself 🙂

How about you? How is your relationship with the Earth? Does it come naturally to you? What does she bring you?


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