Surprised by the Goddess

My drum beckoned me: ‘come and pick me up’.

The day had started, I was going to start working my to do list.

Instead I listened to my drum and picked her up. Her weight felt heavy on my arm. I played a few beats. Adjusted the ropes that set the tension of the skin to get the sound just right. And when I felt that deep sound going through me, resonating within, I  just played.

After a while a rhythme set in, and I felt I had words to come with it, they were almost like a rap:

“Help me bring your name into this world”

My words were softly spoken at first, and then gained strength.

The words changed:

“Help me bring your name into this world – Great Goddess”

And a while later, they changed again:

“Help me bring you back into this world, Oh Great Goddess”

I raised a lot of energy drumming this chant, and it felt strange and liberating.

Apparently, this is something more people, women, do.

And it comes as a surprise to me how natural it feels, even when it doesn’t at all when I look from the outside in, with the eyes of my neigbours walking past my window. 

The biggest surprises were in the words that came up in the chant. I don’t think I ever hailed the Goddess in such a way before. I am not even sure how often I have spoken her name out loud for myself, let alone with others present.

Just the other day I talked to my husband about how ‘Goddess’ and ‘Priestess’ are such Big Words, weird words almost. Our society has forgotten that a Goddess is as normal and natural as a God. And that the Goddess is part of our world as much as (a) God is.

Part of my path is to acclaim her name again, make it my own again. As well as help bring her name back into this world.

How? Life and time will tell.

But I’ve started this process and it won’t be stopped easily 🙂


3 thoughts on “Surprised by the Goddess

    1. Thank you Ffiona. I know you have been travelling this path of the Sacred Feminine for a while. It’s so encouraging to hear you say this, as I feel two sides of me very present in this: the old me and Memeka. Memeka is grateful to be acknowledged in this way 🙂

      It’s a powerful lesson too: when we recognise the Goddess’s presence, we can really help each other by blowing extra oxygen into each others fires.

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