My Sacred Name

It happened again this morning.

A new habit in the making? Again, I was drumming, finding myself chanting and then being suprised by the Goddess in the words and energy that come up:

“I’m calling over Time

I’m calling over Space


I call on you to guide me

Call on you inside me


Again, it felt so rich, so wholesome to be able to do this. To have found this way of expressing myself – even if my conscious mind doesn’t have much say in it.

The lyrics may require some explanation.

Memeka is not my birth name.

It came to me in one of the workshops I did. On the threshold before stepping into the circle, the High Priestess asked  me how I wanted to be known there.

The questions surprised me, and I could only answer giving my birthname. But I immediatly felt that it was not quite right. Later that same evening, all of a sudden a name came to me: Memeka.

I hadn’t encountered Sacred Names before. Only in the weeks after, did I come across the term and started asking others about their names. I read the story of Oriah Mountain Dreamer and her Sacred Name on her website (right at her homepage, look for ‘The Name’).

So this is mine. Memeka.

I don’t know what Memeka means, google comes up refreshingly empty. That feels fitting for now, as it is a very old and a very new part of me that I’m just beginning to explore with awareness.

When I’m drumming, I have a sense of connecting with Memeka, with the old part of me that has drummed in many ceremonies and rituals throughout time and place.

What a beautiful connection to feel. So empowering.

I can feel myself making space for her in me, in my life. She is what I’ve yearned for without realising: my passageway into the Sacred Feminine.


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