Sleeping Goddess

In the heading of this blog, you can see my outside altar.

The altar happened by surprise, coinciding with the build up to starting this blog.

I’ve had the statue for over 15 years, and I can remember where I bought it. It was with my ex husband, we were young and on holiday, probably the first time in our own car. We saw it in a on a rainy afternoon when we visited a small seaside town. The intent of the moment was probably that it was a nice piece for our first home together. I do remember it being totally impractical on holiday, as it is big and very heavy.

The statue has been with me in all my wanderings over the years. It moved country with me twice, survived break-ups and all the while I haven’t paid it much attention. It stood outside in the garden for the last three years, gathering moss. And only when we had to remove a tree from the garden four weeks ago, it got put up on the table.

For my birthday, I was then given to plants with lovely flowers. As the garden is quite full, they got put at either end of the table in the midst of a garden party.

So there it was. And a couple of days later, I recognised it for what it was – which was probably the bigger event 🙂

And the other day I noticed the Goddess is sleeping in this statue, her eyes are closed.

So she was with me, sleeping, but being there all along. I am ready to awaken her.


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