Mindfulness+ or Cleaning your house with a difference

Not unlike some, I really don’t care for cleaning.

Tidying the house is fine, I know I function better when things are in their own place. And with our two year old, there is plenty of opportunity for tidying.

Cleaning is a different story. When I do it, get into it big time. At the end of the day I’m put of by the energy it takes out of me and the fact that actually, things are already starting to get dirty again.

Not much Sacredness in this, is there?

I had tried being more mindful with cleaning. Using it as an opportunity to stay completely present in my body while doing useful things in our house. This was better, but it still very much felt like ‘doing chores’, now with a mental ‘chore’ added for good measure.

Then Klara Adalena introduced me to the concept of Seva, ‘work offered to God in Indian religions’ according to wikipedia .

In a workshop, we were asked as participants to help prepare the grounds and buildings for our workshop for the day. In other words: to do chores.

But we were asked to do it with ‘bezieling’. (Interesting to notice this word does not have a one-to-one translation into English.) We were asked to put our soul into what we did, recognising the space for it’s contribution to our Sacred work together. It was scrubbing the toilets, doing the dishes, and making the altar look beautiful again. But with the intention of gratitude and love.

And all of a sudden, these chores became relevant work. They became exactly what needed to be done.

I was tasked with playing the drum while others were doing their tasks, and at the time I felt I was almost skimping out. But for me and the others, it proved to be a connective, the sounds of the drum. It helped to remember that they were not just doing chores. For me, it felt like providing a joined heart beat.

One of the women told at the reflection afterwards, that she really had taken her time scrubbing the toilets, wanting them to be as nice as they could be for outdoor toilets. The rest of the day, every time I visited the wonderfully scrubbed toilet, I couldn’t help but think about her and appreciate her intent as well as the results of her work. It added a whole new layer to the way we were experiencing our surroundings.

I’ve tried doing seva at homa as well. It definitelly makes for a different experience. It helps to fulfill my soul.

Odd, wouldn’t you think? But just try it and notice the difference. Your home makes your life possible as it is. Show it your gratitude and love.



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