Proficient beginner of the Sacred Feminine?

When I write this blog, I’m noticing that I can write from different perspectives.

From the perspective of an absolute beginner, entering a world that is 98% new to me. The  belief system attached to it, the ‘laws’ and logics by which it works, the practices that are available to live life tapping into the Sacred Feminine. 

From the perspective of the outsider, the neighbours passing my window when I am drumming and chanting. The perspective of unsuspecting friends and family. My previous perspective in life as well. The perspective where my brain just does not understand what is going on. And therefore had trouble in the past ‘believing’ in the experiences and knowledge that came up.

I can also write from within my experience of the Sacred Feminine, from Memeka‘s point of view and the information that she has access to. The information I retrieve when I am connected to her energy. The old knowledge that is also mine, but still so much of it is undiscovered.

All of these are true for me. I don’t know what is most interesting to you, but to me it feels exploring this path of the Sacred Feminine is about connecting these perspectives. About bridging the different parts of the world.

And then there is another perspective. In this life I have learned a great deal about facilitating sustainable change for people, organisations and communities. I have solid experience in the use of ritual in that context. I have explored spiritual rituals within wiccan and Native American contexts. And, before this turns into a CV, I think this is probably true for anyone coming to this Sacred path.

Even before we are aware the path is calling, we have started developing skills, intuitions and awareness in other areas of our life, that are beneficial to the path.

Writing from this perspective is writing from where I have gained my proficiency so far. It is also where my ego comes in. ‘I’m not completely unaware!’, I have skills!’ it wants to say.

It’s a new experience for me to write about my not-knowing. To not hurry to my logical brain and start (over)thinking about my experiences.

When learning something, it helps to acknowledge being a beginner. So here is to becoming a proficient beginner on this path!


2 thoughts on “Proficient beginner of the Sacred Feminine?

  1. Hmmm… the place of the beginner… similar to a child and seeing with eyes and heart that are totally open – no ego, no judgment, no voices telling us one thing or the other. May all of us embrace the place of the beginner while also remembering that as we move along our path we learn and gather experiences and tools. Thank you Memeka for reminding us of this and for this beauty in words! ❤

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