Healing Ways – Allowing (2)

I read a wonderful example of the practice of allowing this week. In this earlier post, I shared how I feel allowing is maybe the most powerful way of healing that is available to us.

In a blogpost by Oriah, she describes her annoyance with the leaf blower that is put to use on her neighbours premises, at exactly 8 am each Monday morning.

In the past she had tried to ignore it (didn’t work), to reframe it in a way it would make sense to her (didn’t work), or got angry with it (not sure that was satisfactory to her either).

This time, she decided to not pull away from the sound or her reactions to it. And while she stayed with all that inside her, a new insight came to her.

She “remembered what she tried to forget”:

that the pattern of sleep and waking that most suits my life, my body, my being and my choices includes rising around five in the morning. I know this, and yet – mysteriously- I fight it. I resist living according to the monastic pattern (at least in sleep and rising times) that appeals to my soul.

Should she choose to listen to her body and soul, her practice of starting the day would be long finished before 8 am. And the leaf blower would be no problem.

The leaf blower was providing a not so gentle reminder to something that is deeply important to her.

May we all learn to listen to ourselves in that way.


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