1001 ways not to be fully present

So many ways… I will spare you the specifics of the other 986 ways, as the above will give you plenty of opportunity to get yourself lost in space or time.

I am good at not being fully present.

It can be a very calming, it can give me lots of ideas and lull me into a false sense of security, all at the same time. It can seem like perfect ways to relax and unwind.

But actually, they are not. Except for sleeping perhaps, which is always good (unless you use it to shy away from looking at something). All these things have the ability to keep me – you- from what really matters in life. From feeling our responses, truly feeling them, and act on what we know to be true.

An example:

I have been known to watch probably every episode of ‘Law and Order’. Twice. And many similar TV shows. I liked the little puzzles in the plots, I liked that it was just 45 minutes of stepping into that alternate universe, with no strains, no questions asked of me.

Until I started to wonder about how I could sometimes remember literal  conversations from an episode days after. ‘If that is how much my mind is working with them, do I really want my mind to be busy with this? Make-believe murders and make-believe detectives. Do they really nourish me? Nourish my soul?’ For me, there was a very clear answer: ‘No’. And from that moment on I have watched only two things on TV. Instead of turning on the TV as an automatic thing in the evening, I now automatically check with myself if it’s something I really want.

And for exploring the Sacred Feminine, this is so important.

Every day I learn more about how our sacred information is inside our bodies, and our souls connect to us through soft whispers and voices among all the other everyday voices. So we really need to practice and learn to listen to it.

And for that, we need to be fully present with ourselves.

They say it is like a muscle, that needs practising to be able to hold our attention there.

So I am practising a lot.. Because for ‘watching TV’ –  I have got it covered, but there are still the 1000 other ways at which I am still very very good.


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