Sacred space in our everyday world

I am walking over a small foot path. On my left, about 3 feet up, is the busy road, with Saturday afternoon summer traffic. I feel the sun shining her warm August rays.

On my right, the water of what seems like a big pond with some islands in it’s midst. On the island, lots of luscious green trees.

Alongside of the foot path, an occasional tree or bench is standing to complete the picture. It makes for a wonderful walk from the train station to my friend’s house. Taking in the beautiful bits of nature right in the middle of the city.

And then, I stop in my tracks. I have just entered the space of a weeping willow. It is a smallish tree, with it’s crown of branches all hanging down over the path. The leaves form the curtain of a Sacred dome.

When I saw it coming up, it was just a nice space to walk through.

But now that I am in it, I feel the soft and safe energy. The way it offers a safe haven while the energy of the outside world still filters through.

I stand still and breath. Connect to the energy and my awareness. Connecting to the divine beauty hidden in plain sight.

People pass me on the path. A woman offers me a big smile and says: “beautiful, isn’t it?”. A young man in his twenties walking his big dog looks at me. I can see him wondering what on earth is going on when I greet him.

I take a few more minutes before I move on. Uplifted and nourished by this unexpected encounter.


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