Offering my pride and insecurities at the altar

Watching an interview with Chameli Ardagh, a very lively and interesting spiritual leader, I was struck by one of the things she said:

“I offer my pride and insecurities at the altar”

In her interview, she also talked about the steps to full fill your dharma, “your unique thread in the rich tapestry of life”:

Step 1. Face it

Step 2. Give yourself fully to it

Step 3. Let go of the fruits

Step 4. And offer your work to God, Goddess or a greater whole

And the way she handles her pride and insecurities (both expressions of ego), in combination with offering the fruits of her work to the Goddess, struck a deep chord with me.

All the insecurities I’ve carried around, looked at, grown from, struggled with at times, they are all just part of my ego trying to establish herself in this world. And so is my pride, if and when it takes over.

How amazing it feels to let go of that. Not that it’s a one time thing, nor will it always be easy. But in these few words, Chameli offers me a new perspective, a gateway to change. It is not about me. It is about fullfilling my dharma, my role in service of the Goddess. And I do the best I can, with integrity and a commitment to learning.

Sure, there is a lot more wisdom in the words she shared. But for the moment, I will focus on offering my pride and insecurities at my altar, my service to the Goddess, so they can become nourishment for other, more useful things to emerge.

Find Chameli here:

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