Weakness to Source

Years ago, when I was recovering from a severe burn-out, a therapist told me:

“You really need an hour at the end of each day, to tend to yourself”

At the time, I kind of knew she was right. And for years I used yoga at the beginning and end of each day to help me do this.

It worked well.

And yet, it has always felt like a weakness. The fact that I needed to do this, or end up overwhelmed.

Every day, there would be so many impressions, ideas, emotions, energies pouring and gurgling into my system. And it was as if they all flowed into a big bath tub, but that tub would only drain if I took the time and attention. If not, things would get clogged up, and eventually overflow.

Finally, I am starting to realise that in that “weakness”, actually lies a big pointing finger that helps me connect not just to drain that bath tub, but to my Source.

My practice now is as essential as breathing, and I find it opens a door to my Divine experience. The Goddess is accessible for me when I take my time and drain that bath tub, and continue to stay connected with my body and the Earth.

I then start to feel the layers in between the everyday things. The space where energy matters and can turn into matter.

This is where I find wisdom, where I am growing my ability to resonate with her Divine energy. This is where I learn about the Sacred Feminine, and ways in which to live my life aligned with Her.

That ‘layer in between everyday things’ is a subtle layer for me. It’s still easily overpowered by loud outside everyday occurrences. So it takes dedication and practice to stay connected.

But without my ‘weakness’, it would have been so much harder for me to find this portal.


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