The little voice of intuition

The other day, I was shopping for clothes pins at a general department-kind of store. While I was looking for the pins, my eyes were caught by the dishwasher tablets. This was unusual because:

  1. We usually do a weekly grocery shopping trip, and they would be on the list if we need them.
  2. My love is the one to use the dishwasher tablets, as he is the one to go to bed last.

I found my mind going into: is this a good price? Should I buy some? And then dismissing the thought. Because I it’s just not practical to buy bits of groceries one by one, whenever they happen to catch my attention. 

When I came home, not only did I need to run the dishwasher early, I also noticed there was only one tablet left.

So often have I noticed how amazing my intuition was, how perfectly on cue.  But very often in hindsight.

Our little girl is still very much in tune with her intuition. She once told her daycare nanny I would be wearing a dress picking her up. Which was unusual at the time. And unbeknownst to my daughter, I had just finished making a very nice dress, and I had changed into it after dropping her off that day. So she was right.

Yesterday evening she just knew (without seeing me) I really could do with a hug. So she came into the room and put her little body right against mine, holding me tight for a long time. Much longer than toddlers have patience for. I felt so grateful for that little girl in my life, and she was giving me medicine for my soul on top of that.

These are just little examples of intuition talking.

But intuition talks about the big things in life as well. It is the language of our soul as well as a neat way our unconscious helps us flag up things. Our soul will let us know what is important in other ways than nicely ordered logical thoughts. It will be a feeling, a knowing, a bodily sensation, an image that comes up.

We just need to learn to listen. To discern this voice from all the others that are going on inside and around us.

Meditating regularly helps me to have a quieter mind. It helps me to have more awareness for this specific voice. And I also spent some time modelling my experience with this.

This helps me to notice more and more of what that voice says.

Have you noticed how your intuition, your soul, talks to you?

It may be worthwhile to spend some time musing on it. To ask yourself where you hear it, what kind of sound it is. Is it always in the same place? Where does it talk from?

Or if it’s not a voice for you, how you know your intuition is asking for your attention? A feeling? Where does that feeling come up? Is it a ‘knowing’? If so, whereabouts is that knowing? How do you know THAT’s your intuition?

It’s too easy to let this wisdom vanish among all the other mental clutter. Or, to speak with Albert Einstein: “Intuition is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Let’s practice and honour this sacred gift together. The Sacred Feminine is based upon finding back our own truth. A big part of our practice is learning to listen better and better.


7 thoughts on “The little voice of intuition

    1. Thanks Kate for letting me know, it’s great to hear it resonates for you.
      And if you don’t mind me asking: when it resonates, what kind of resonates it that?

      1. I can totally relate to not “listening” to intuition, but seeing how much it is there in hindsight 🙂 For me, a lot of it is a certain feeling, certain energy or quality that I will feel about something, or a bodily sensation about something/someone. I am on a path of “waking up”, know what I mean? So, I have much journey ahead of me still 🙂

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