Up the mountain they go..

Over the last week, I have been ‘holding space’ (with others), for a very courageous group of women.

They travelled to Crete, and up into the mountains. There, each of them went on their own quest. From sunrise to sunrise, 4 days on a row, they were up there alone. No food, no shelter, no human contact, no phones.

Why? They went to ask the Goddess to be initiated. To have a broader, deeper understanding of their path in life, to feel deeply supported by the Sacred Feminine. They were guided by Klara Adalena, an in-depth teacher in Goddess mysteries, shamanism and the ancient traditions.

I was grateful to be invited into their on-line support group. I felt privileged to read how they prepared themselves. And deeply in awe.

Just imagining what they were setting out to do was somewhat mind blowing.

And women have been doing this for thousands of years. 

Can you imagine?

Holding space for them, accompanying them in my thoughts, standing by them in spirit, lighting a candle, all of these were ways to connect with their quest. To offer support. To enable them to set out.

I am interested to be reading some of their experiences – when and if they are ready and able to share.

It seems they helped make the earth move 😉 

There was a large earth quake off the coast of Crete during their quest, with a 6.2 power. What would that be like, experiencing that force of nature, while you are in your third day of being only with the Earth, the elements, the wild life, yourself and the Goddess?

I can’t. But it will have had profound impact, all of it.

I wonder when I will have the courageous to go up and find out.


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