A Chestnut Lesson

“Look, there’s another one here.. and here.. ”

Sunday morning, in the woods. Fall has arrived in it’s fullness. Beautiful warm colours everywhere. A dense pack of brown leaves already on the ground, red, yellow and orange leaves on the trees. The sun shining in, with the light filtered.

It has rained a lot, so there are plenty of mushrooms.

We are showing our little girl about all the wonders that can be found now. Beechnuts and especially chestnuts are getting most of our attention. After all, they are wonderful gifts of fall, that are delicious as well!

We are gathering chestnuts. I am getting more and more focussed on the task. After a while, I realise I actually got lost in this one small task. To the point of loosing sight of the other wonders of the forest. And in that moment, feeling unable to relate to the whole. Just focussing on finding more chestnuts when we slowly walk on.

When I notice this, and realise the silliness, it takes some effort to let go and open myself up again to the wider forest around me. To our time together as a family. To being present rather doing. To receiving nourishment rather than giving away my energy and focus.

Hmm… might I recognise this elsewhere in my life..?

Our daughter on the other hand, she likes the leaves as much as the chestnuts. And she likes lying down on the forest floor to look up at the sky. And running across the woods outside of the paths.

She’s still very good at being 🙂



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