My Goddess..

Sure.. I am exploring the ‘sacred feminine’ – but what exactly is that?

I have been called by a ‘Goddess’ – but who is she? 

These questions are going around my mind every now and then. Most of the time, I recognise and feel how important it is for me to meditate and drum. To find a way of connecting with that which is so much bigger than me.

Over the past months, I’ve learned new ways to do this, leading to connection and insights. And I’ve noticed the main thing getting in the way: my mind. Once I start thinking, my awareness of my connection with the Divine vanishes easily into the background.

So mostly, I treated those questions of ‘Who is she?’ as ‘stuff my brain comes up with’, trusting my gut instinct on following my path.  But actually, it is a very fair question. It’s just that the answer is not in my mind, it won’t be revealed by logical analysis.

You may have seen that I am trained in using Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling to facilitate change. This way of working is such a beautiful match with these questions of the soul. Greta Irving and I are working to put a series of webinars together for people that have been trained in using ‘Clean’, and want to further develop their relation with the Divine. In whatever shape or form that has for them.

And while preparing, we are doing the same work. We facilitated each other on the question of ‘What kind of Divine is the Divine you connect with?’.  The Clean Questions are designed in such a way that the influence of the facilitator is minimal. And when you are being asked the questions, you very quickly step outside of your beaten track, exploring new ground.

And it was amazing.

I found words I didn’t have before.

I experienced my connection with Her in ways I haven’t felt before.

An understanding of Her nature,

the vastness of her size,

a very new perspective on how I can serve Her.

And an easy way to reconnect – or rather: become aware of how me and Her are always connected


It left me feeling energised and very happy. Enriched.

And for the first time, I can say She is my Goddess.

How amazing.

-Interested in experiencing this yourself?-


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