A love taboo

Falling in love is an amazing – let the whole world sing – experience. I always wanted to make it last as long as I could (especially two-way, no complications attractions). The addictive nature of all the hormones, the pure bliss of having been seen by your love takes over everything, and it’s hard not to talk about. Or rather: it’s hard not to shout it out from the rooftops, as your heart keeps singing!

Being in a loving long-term relationship is heart and soul warming, it’s the bedrock of my life. There is everyday bliss and gratitude. Kindness, fun and passion. And thank goddess there are still so many surprises in ours. So many ways in which I get to know my love again and again. But it’s not something I talk about much with others, as it is also a fact of life. People around me know him, know us and know we are happy together.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, in my last post, I wrote about getting an experience of ‘my Goddess’ on a much deeper level. The feeling and experiences I had were hard to put into words. It was also the first post that didn’t get any ‘likes’ in a while. I don’t write for the ‘likes’, but I sure do appreciate them, as it’s a sign of you recognizing something or appreciating something.

It made me think. And I realized that other than writing the post, I haven’t told a soul about the deep connectedness I felt, the overwhelming love.

So there was this life changing experience – and I didn’t say anything. To anybody.


Now, it’s not common in my day-to-day life, to have people talk about either God or Goddess(es).

But I remembered even Klara Adalena, who spent the last 15 years teaching priestesses said she doesn’t talk about the Goddess much. About what She is to her, or how they relate. And at the time, I found that striking.

Now I know this feels so deeply intimate, that it’s hard to talk about. It’s hard to find words that can convey the meaning I feel. It also makes me feel very vulnerable. Like I would talking about how I make love with my lover in all it’s loving and passionate aspects. Something I feel no need to talk about.

And my connectedness with My Goddess also feels like an everlasting loving relationship. One that has been and will be beyond time. So even though it is new for me now, in it’s essence it really isn’t. There is no sense of ‘falling in love, shouting it from the rooftops’. There is a quiet recognition.

An all encompassing love I have started to feel, that I don’t talk about. Yet.

It is beautiful.


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