Night time

Being chronically ill brings challenges. Most days are okay. And sometimes life brings big challenges.

My colleagues have been very supportive, but there is a time when being ‘partner’ in a firm is no longer an option. And that is a tough fact to swallow. We are still looking for options and solutions, but it is clear things will have to change.

And this really gets to me. This is my ‘first born’. I put my heart and soul into the business we created over the years, and it is beautiful.

One night, when I found myself unable to sleep, feeling raw with an upcoming flu – and lots of emotion.

Anger, grief.

I went online and left a message sharing what was happening in a worldwide yogini circle . Somebody would read it and support me with their love and thoughts before to long. I knew I would be held emotionally and spiritually.

And then I found myself singing, my voice hoarse with everything going on:

“We are sisters on a journey, singing now as one! Remembering the ancient ones:The women and the wisdom, the women and the wisdom.”

It brought me comfort while allowing my emotions to surface.

Singing through the night.

Powerful healing.

The yogini circle is an amazing resource for sharing all kinds of experiences. “When we as Yoginis, female practitioners of this path, come together with a shared intention of embodied awakening, we are also taking our seat in a timeless circle, The Yogini circle.
The Yogini circle is a powerful field of Shakti, a circle of sisterhood, where we call on each
other to rise, to stand tall in our wisdom and awakening, not as another ego structure, but as a place of undeniable dignity and spiritual authority.” Anyone entering Chameli Ardagh’s program’s (on-line or live) can join the circle.

Another circle starting up is at ‘Wild Mystical Feminine” on facebook, started by Klara Adalena. To join, send her a message.


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