The Pulse of Life

I have been practicing for a while now.

Practicing not to get lost in my thoughts. Practicing to feel my body and stay present with my emotions as well as my thoughts, no matter how boring, scary, beautiful, dull, intriguing, funny the situation.

This practice got me an unexpected side effect.

I always believed the world in my mind to be the true world. Even if I knew that wasn’t true. I was definitely taking my cues from my mind.

What is more, I let my pace be set by my mind, by the pace of my thoughts. And I that was the pace that I needed to catch up with and hold on to.

The last few months, I’ve learned something:

My thoughts are not what is real.

The air we breath, the water we drink, the earth we walk on, the warmth of the sun, they are real. They make up our everyday life – for real.

So being outside is not just ‘good for me’ because my mum says so, and the doctors say so.

Being outside is my lifeline. It connects me with the pulse of life.

It brings me to my true rhythm.

And when I am connected to this, I keep my thoughts in check much more easily.

And as an aside, it fills me with life energy, that I can’t get any other way.

No matter how intriguing, fulfilling, interesting, fun and deceptive my work-life could be.


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