Herding cats

A good friend told me a lifetime ago:

“You think too much”.

At the time, I felt it was an annoying thing to tell me, as it was just the way I was. Like saying I shouldn’t have two legs. We are not in touch anymore, but boy, was she right. (Brenda, if you ever read this, it was you and thank you!)

I could and can spend all my waking hours analyzing, thinking, reviewing, self-criticising, creating all sorts of scenario’s in my mind, reliving situations etcetera. I am an eager explorer of the world my mind.

Walking the path of the Sacred Feminine, of embodied experience, is asking me time and again to stop thinking, to stop focusing on my thoughts, and to feel my body instead.

In the moment, and then the next.

Without changing anything, without re-framing. Just noticing the sensations and thoughts without being held captive by my interpretation of them. Allowing the natural flow of life to go through me, and not control it, question it or curb it. To allow space for the Sacred. For my Goddess.

When I meditate in  the woods, it takes conscious effort to stay in meditation, and not let my mind wonder off. When I meditate at home, same thing. When I go through my day, I choose to have ‘silent spells’, where I focus on my felt experience in the moment. Like it is done in ‘Mindfulness’, a very popular approach these days.

And it is like herding cats. 

Lots of practice opportunities to stay with what is here now  🙂


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