The girl and the Lioness

Once upon a time, there was a girl.

She was young, smart and curious, and she was always working out how the world around her worked.

When are people nice?

How do you get people to help you? 

Why are they fighting? 

What do people do to fix things?

Where does my mom store the candy now?

And the more she learned, the more she saw and thought she understood. 

And when something needed doing, she either knew how to do it, or thought she could figure it out easily. Be it buying bread from the baker on her own for the first time, interfering when her parents had a row, or going off to university in a city on the other side of the country on her own.

This girl would have liked to say she was fearless, but actually, she was scared as hell about most things.

But she kept on a brave face and kept on going. Making life work for herselfs.

She kind of knew she was in over her head, but had no way to stop herself.

The girl grew into a woman, and the woman kept on living the girl’s ways.

And then something happened.

Her body stopped her.

The woman fell ill, and lost her ability to be active in the world, to manage and control the world. Let alone her little part of it.

And one day, while the woman was least expecting it, she met Her.

She was a big strong Lioness. And She came to be her travelling companion. Fierce, strong. With physical power to provide abundance for her family and community. And an amazing sense of timing, being active only when activity was needed.

The woman couldn’t believe her luck. It was all she could hope for in a companion.

And so they started to walk together through their days. The woman resting with the Lioness, enjoying just ‘being’, and lying in the long savannah grass watching her cubs play. Walking side by side, a relaxed pace, observing her territory. The woman started to feel the Lioness more and more from the inside out.

And then it hit her: her little girl had always been trying to ride this Lioness, unaware She was even there. The girl had tried controlling and managing Her, with some success, but mostly taking it’s toll on the girl for draining her of her energy. The girl had been trying to fulfill a role that was much too big for her.

This brought tears to the woman’s eyes. How amazing that this girl had tried, for all these years, to make life work this way.

And what a relief, to finally let the Lioness be herself.


Want to meet your power animal for the next leg of your journey? This is a great place to do it.


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