Home coming

Walking into my forest, I instantly feel her welcoming arms. She is drawing me in closer, with every step I take.

The path is wide, opening, inviting. A lane with beech trees on each side, leading me deeply into the forest. 

It’s a soft winter, and the morning sun is piercing down through the trees.

There is no one else here today, no people walking their dogs, no jogging.

I breath.

And then I rejoice. I feel so happy inside!

For months now, I’ve come here alone to walk, sit and meditate. To connect with myself and my Goddess. Sometimes I was sad, sometimes I was tired, sometimes I was angry, sometimes I was happy.

I have always felt at home in the forest.

But today is different.

I feel the forest welcoming me with open arms.

Rejoicing with me.

Our energies blending.

A shimmer rippling through the air.

‘She is back!’



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