So here I am.

Strongly drawn towards something my mind doesn’t understand. Something quite far outside the realm of everyday society, outside the realm of what is deemed normal.

The Goddess.

And my health leaves me no other choice but to follow this path. My energy levels are down so low that I can’t function normally. I lost over 10% of my body weight unexplicably, leaving me at an unhealthy low. I eat and keep eating, while my body seems to be unable to take in the nutrients. I’ve switched to a Paleo Auto-immune diet, and along with other things there are minute steps forwards. And it’s taking a very long time. My body craves nutrition – but maybe not just the eating kind.

Years ago I was here too, with completely depleted energy. I did many things to get better, and as a result turned my life upside – down. And in the process, I started paying attention to nature, I learned to do energy work, started yoga, dabbled in wicca. When my health picked up, I got too busy with life, work and family. So I gradually left it all dwindling in the wind, telling myself regularly that ‘I really ought to meditate’.

Looking back, there have been many signs pointing in the direction of the Goddess. And now I finally feel the courage to dive in and find out what the heck it is all about.

I have committed myself to following this path, with you as my witness.

And I hope this blog will inspire you to share your steps on this path too. Whether you are new to it all, or in full steam travelling. For I now meet other sisters that hear a calling and yet feel afraid or resistant to find out about it. And yet the world so needs us to restore our knowing, utilising our full blown powers!

For life and love.

Let’s share our paths into the Sacred Feminine, and help each and every one of us find their own unique voice.

I’m excited and grateful that you are here.



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