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Invoking Shakti

Dear mother of all,

Great Goddess,

raw Shakti power,

I ask you to be present in my life Continue reading Invoking Shakti


“Our Mother” as compared to “Our Father”

Have you read the prayer: “Our Mother“, by Aisha Wolfe?

I first saw it on facebook, wonderful mirror of the world as it is.

Every time I read it, it sends shivers down my spine. Having grown up in a Christian tradition, the “Our Father” has been part of the rituals I learned about growing up.

I prayed it numerous times before giving in to the bit of me that gets offended every time I go to church and really listen to the words of the teachings. (The spirit of the teachings I could live with, but the actual words are not in harmony with what I feel to be true.)

And if working with Clean Language has taught me anything, it is that words DO matter.

Looking at the two prayers next to each other gives a pretty good insight into two very different ways of looking at life and Sacredness: Continue reading “Our Mother” as compared to “Our Father”