There are many things you can do to help you travel the path of the Sacred Feminine. Here are some practices and skills that I am finding tremendously helpful.

Add your own in the comments! I’m very interested to hear what supports you in your travels.

Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling

A high quality, high impact tool to facilitate self-generated change. Or karma free help. Developed by David Grove, Penny Tompkins & James Lawley. Having been schooled in this thoroughly over the years has made me so much more effective in helping others in their quests and desired changes. It taught me the absoulte basics about boundaries between people and their stuff. It has brought me a great deal of self development on the way and a thriving business facilitating corporate change. I could and have talked about this for days on end training and assessing people. One of it’s beauty is that working with self-generated metaphor is a splendid way of working in the spiritual domain. Find more information here: or here: (Dutch). Or leave a comment below 🙂

Dancing the 5 Rhythms by Gabrielle Roth

According to Gabrielle, all movement follows a wave of 5 rhythms: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stilness. Dancing the 5 Rhythms to me is a fun way of meditating, of letting my body speak, that taps into emotions, thoughts and spirit, uncovering deep insights in the process. It’s as wonderful and natural as breathing. There are open classes all over the world, find one and try it!


A practice I learned in Atsitsa,  oekos is a potent form to support and witness each other. Two or more people commit to doing this together, determine a frequency and a time frame. When you are together (live or on skype), every person gets exactly the same amount of time (for example 5 minutes) to speak their heart, mind or soul – whatever it is they want to share or have witnessed. The others listen attentively and appreciatively. If someone has more time than words, the rest listen in silence. What is said belongs to the speaker, it does not become the responsibility of the listeners. If you like, you can end with a short response about what got triggered in you while listening to the others. If you want to talk about anything further, do it outside of the oekos frame. Doing this provides a very nourishing base, a place to call home, that I still share with dear friends on a regular basis.

Wicca & Shamanism

There is little I actually know about wicca, my dabblings aside. Here I first learned about the possibility of sisterhood and circles. And I learned to honour nature and it’s cycles as the ultimate example of how change operates. There is virtually nothing I know about shamanism up til now. But I feel there is a lot I will be learning from these traditions in the upcoming months and years. What I am learning is that honouring the Goddess in itself is not a religion, it can fit within many spiritual traditions. Equally I find women following this Sacred path to be open and willing to learn about womanhood and Wholeness from many perspectives. I am very interested in your thoughts on this, including useful links!

Energy work, Reiki

Learning to feel energy more consciously, learning to work with it gave me my first set of vocabulary to talk about my own experiences. It was a very important step on my journey when I started off over 15 years ago. Healing and reading auras fit in this category as well. Distinguishing between ones own energy and the energy of somebody else is a crucial thing to learn, as well as learning about your own patterns and healing your own system. (For me, all sensitivity aside, it took learning to use Clean Language to actually understand this, which is not uncommon).

Which skills and practices have been helpful for you? Let us know!


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