Feel, Kiss, Flow

A practice by Chameli Ardagh

When you find yourself getting caught up in the story of an emotion, and notice that it’s keeping you where you are, this is an excellent practice to do:

First: Feel the physical sensations that are part of the emotion – without going into the story mentally. Feel where in your body you feel it, and what kind of physical feeling it is. Does your pulse race, does it feel warmer or colder, does it feel tight, heavy.. Really connect with those feelings.

Then, while you still feel the sensations, kiss them from your inside with your breath.

And then, notice what happens, how the normal flow of emotions continues.You can move on.

Because that is what emotions do, they change all the time. Giving us information about what we like, what we find important, so we can act on that information if we want to. Nothing more, nothing less.

Try it, it really works beautifully. Thank you Chameli for sharing it.




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