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A love taboo

Falling in love is an amazing – let the whole world sing – experience. I always wanted to make it last as long as I could (especially two-way, no complications attractions). The addictive nature of all the hormones, the pure bliss of having been seen by your love takes over everything, and it’s hard not to talk about. Or rather: it’s hard not to shout it out from the rooftops, as your heart keeps singing! Continue reading A love taboo


“Our Mother” as compared to “Our Father”

Have you read the prayer: “Our Mother“, by Aisha Wolfe?

I first saw it on facebook, wonderful mirror of the world as it is.

Every time I read it, it sends shivers down my spine. Having grown up in a Christian tradition, the “Our Father” has been part of the rituals I learned about growing up.

I prayed it numerous times before giving in to the bit of me that gets offended every time I go to church and really listen to the words of the teachings. (The spirit of the teachings I could live with, but the actual words are not in harmony with what I feel to be true.)

And if working with Clean Language has taught me anything, it is that words DO matter.

Looking at the two prayers next to each other gives a pretty good insight into two very different ways of looking at life and Sacredness: Continue reading “Our Mother” as compared to “Our Father”