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Sacred space in our everyday world

I am walking over a small foot path. On my left, about 3 feet up, is the busy road, with Saturday afternoon summer traffic. I feel the sun shining her warm August rays.

On my right, the water of what seems like a big pond with some islands in it’s midst. On the island, lots of luscious green trees.

Alongside of the foot path, an occasional tree or bench is standing to complete the picture. It makes for a wonderful walk from the train station to my friend’s house. Taking in the beautiful bits of nature right in the middle of the city.

And then, I stop in my tracks. Continue reading Sacred space in our everyday world


Elderflower Magic

Have you ever noticed how beautiful one tiny elderflower flower is? Small white perfection of five rounded petals with five stems that hold the pollen in between the petals.

It’s easy to take them for granted, as they blossom freely everywhere this time of year. Big flowerheads with many many tiny flowers.

This year, we took our daughter out harvesting some elderflower to make (paleo friendly) cordial. She is two now, and she was quite intrigued by what we were doing, eager to help. Continue reading Elderflower Magic