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Learning about Fire

Slowly I’m building a stack of small pieces of wood. A mini-tipi is what I’m after, with a bit of cheating in the middle: a small block of firelighter.

Even with the cheating, I don’t feel comfortable at all that this little tipi is the start of a warm fire in our stove. The match lights up the firelighter, and after a while the tipi starts to burn as well. So far so good.. Continue reading Learning about Fire


The Pulse of Life

I have been practicing for a while now.

Practicing not to get lost in my thoughts. Practicing to feel my body and stay present with my emotions as well as my thoughts, no matter how boring, scary, beautiful, dull, intriguing, funny the situation.

This practice got me an unexpected side effect. Continue reading The Pulse of Life

My body the Earth

Today, I did my first ritual in a long time.

The sun was out, the grass still a bit wet from last night’s rain. I could feel the earth under my feet, felt the sun shine, the breeze through my hair bringing sounds of birds and airplanes. And I felt a nice fresh touch of the water on the grass on my bare feet.

I casted a circle in my back yard, feeling somewhat awkward. Stated my intention. Continue reading My body the Earth