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A new love affair

I found a new love!

Unexpected, but true.

You see, it often feels there are two ‘me’s. There is the me that is thinking, contemplating, reviewing. And there is the me that just is.

Feelings happen, and these two me’s have a very different way of handling them.

Thinking me uses the feelings as cues for fear, worry, action. The being me knows to stay with the feeling, and meaning might be a result. And action might or might not be needed.

I’ve known for a while that the ‘being me’ is much closer to my core, my soul.

So I have decided it’s time to get out of my way. It is time to love that me completely, setting it center stage.

And it made me burst into this song, out loud, while walking in the forest:

“Only want to be the wind that lifts you high above the ground
Living only to unleash the sacred powers that we’ve found
Only want to breathe your essence, be your comfort, fill with laughter
Every moment that we live from this day on, forever after

I’ll steal your heart and set it free
So free, I’m sure it will astound you
Without my love you’ll never be
In a way, I’ll always find you”

What a beautiful thought, to be the one to set myself free 🙂

And I can just do that.

It reminds me of the Self-marriage, that Dominique Youkhehpaz facilitates. A beautiful ritual to dedicate your life to loving yourself. Just imagine putting as much attention and love towards the relationship with yourself, as you do in the relationship with your significant other.

There is room for me to grow here, this new love is so ready to start blossoming.


Night time

Being chronically ill brings challenges. Most days are okay. And sometimes life brings big challenges.

My colleagues have been very supportive, but there is a time when being ‘partner’ in a firm is no longer an option. And that is a tough fact to swallow. We are still looking for options and solutions, but it is clear things will have to change.

And this really gets to me. This is my ‘first born’. I put my heart and soul into the business we created over the years, and it is beautiful.

One night, when I found myself unable to sleep, feeling raw with an upcoming flu – and lots of emotion. Continue reading Night time

Weakness to Source

Years ago, when I was recovering from a severe burn-out, a therapist told me:

“You really need an hour at the end of each day, to tend to yourself”

At the time, I kind of knew she was right. And for years I used yoga at the beginning and end of each day to help me do this.

It worked well.

And yet, it has always felt like a weakness. The fact that I needed to do this, or end up overwhelmed. Continue reading Weakness to Source

Healing Ways – Allowing (2)

I read a wonderful example of the practice of allowing this week. In this earlier post, I shared how I feel allowing is maybe the most powerful way of healing that is available to us.

In a blogpost by Oriah, she describes her annoyance with the leaf blower that is put to use on her neighbours premises, at exactly 8 am each Monday morning.

In the past she had tried to ignore it (didn’t work), to reframe it in a way it would make sense to her (didn’t work), or got angry with it (not sure that was satisfactory to her either). Continue reading Healing Ways – Allowing (2)

Healing Ways – Allowing

“I want to know

if you can sit with pain

mine or your own

without moving to hide it

or fade it

or fix it.”                                                

This verse from  ‘The Invitation‘ by Oriah Mountain Dreamer tells us something about our ways of healing our bodies, hearts, minds and souls. Continue reading Healing Ways – Allowing

When the Sacred gets Dark and Messy

The Sacred is usually pictured in words and images of pristine beauty. But there is more to it than that.

In my last workshop, I was in a circle of women exploring our inner Priestess. Klara Adalena was guiding us using a story in Clarissa Pinkola Estes PhD’s book “Women who run with wolves”. It was the story of Seal Woman.

And through the work we were doing together over the days, exploring the story, sharing our experiences, I started to connect to a deep loneliness within me. Continue reading When the Sacred gets Dark and Messy