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Learning about Fire

Slowly I’m building a stack of small pieces of wood. A mini-tipi is what I’m after, with a bit of cheating in the middle: a small block of firelighter.

Even with the cheating, I don’t feel comfortable at all that this little tipi is the start of a warm fire in our stove. The match lights up the firelighter, and after a while the tipi starts to burn as well. So far so good.. Continue reading Learning about Fire


Home coming

Walking into my forest, I instantly feel her welcoming arms. She is drawing me in closer, with every step I take.

The path is wide, opening, inviting. A lane with beech trees on each side, leading me deeply into the forest.  Continue reading Home coming

A love taboo

Falling in love is an amazing – let the whole world sing – experience. I always wanted to make it last as long as I could (especially two-way, no complications attractions). The addictive nature of all the hormones, the pure bliss of having been seen by your love takes over everything, and it’s hard not to talk about. Or rather: it’s hard not to shout it out from the rooftops, as your heart keeps singing! Continue reading A love taboo

There have always been women’s hips

Through centuries of sunrises and sunsets,

There have always been women’s hips.

Hips swaying under the stars,

Dancing to the rhythm of the wind,

Singing the songs of our ancestors,

Worshiping the very life they create.

Before man discovered fire and electricity,

There have always been women’s hips. Continue reading There have always been women’s hips

Healing Ways – Allowing (2)

I read a wonderful example of the practice of allowing this week. In this earlier post, I shared how I feel allowing is maybe the most powerful way of healing that is available to us.

In a blogpost by Oriah, she describes her annoyance with the leaf blower that is put to use on her neighbours premises, at exactly 8 am each Monday morning.

In the past she had tried to ignore it (didn’t work), to reframe it in a way it would make sense to her (didn’t work), or got angry with it (not sure that was satisfactory to her either). Continue reading Healing Ways – Allowing (2)

Proficient beginner of the Sacred Feminine?

When I write this blog, I’m noticing that I can write from different perspectives.

From the perspective of an absolute beginner, entering a world that is 98% new to me. The  belief system attached to it, the ‘laws’ and logics by which it works, the practices that are available to live life tapping into the Sacred Feminine. 

From the perspective of the outsider, the neighbours passing my window when I am drumming and chanting. The perspective of unsuspecting friends and family. My previous perspective in life as well. The perspective where my brain just does not understand what is going on. And therefore had trouble in the past ‘believing’ in the experiences and knowledge that came up. Continue reading Proficient beginner of the Sacred Feminine?