The Creatrix

She’s a creatrix. She’s diving straight into her inspiration, and weaving from there.


Perhaps for the very first time, she’s doing something without thinking of outcomes. She doesn’t even have a strategy or a guarantee of how it will be received. She’s simply dropping into a deeper place, and creating whatever she is guided to. She’s believing and allowing her inner knowing to flow and materialise in the outer world. She’s enjoying just relaxing into what is ready to emerge, and she’s fully immersing herself in its conception & genesis.


Her womb is learning a new ability to uphold truth, beauty, grace. She can now provide the safety to her deepest, the most delicate, sacred longing to take birth in her empowered womb. Her radiant womb imbues her creation with a sacred encoding .


She’s becoming a great mother to her creations.


– Sukhvinder Sircar through facebook Joyous Woman


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